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If you would like to pre-order your meat or a custom order done, please email us directly and we can accommodate —


Now taking orders for ALL meat products!

We offer whole chickens three time a year — late July, early September and mid November. These chickens are raise in a cage-free environment, and are processed at provincially inspected processing plant. 

We are currently taking chicken orders for 2021.

They can be order as:

  • • Whole Chicken — $3.70/lbs
  • • Half — $3.90/lbs
  • • Chickens range in size from 4.5-7lbs.
  • • Cuts also available — to order send us an email! 

    • Don’t wait to put in your order — they always go fast!


Order some tasty pork from Harwill Farms! Our pigs are a cross between two English breeds: York/Landrace sow and Duroc boar. We sell the pork in half and whole pig increments, as well as individual cuts. The pork will be available from July to Dec and we are currently taking orders. For whole and half pork orders:

  • • Pricing is $2.95/lbs+cut and wrap 
  • • Processed at Harriston Packers Customer
  • • Responsible for pick-up at the Packers
  • • Amount of meat: Half, approx. 100lbs; whole approx. 200lbs • • • • Available Mid-Aug to Mid September
  • • If you’d like to order a whole or half pig, please order by email


We will be offering thanksgiving turkeys and ground turkey again in 2021! A healthy, leaner option to beef, our ground turkey is great in many meal options! Turkeys range from 16-25lbs, and We are currently taking orders. To order, please send us an email

Interested in a selection of cuts? Try one of our meat packages! To order send us an email All meat packages are subject to availability! 

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