CSA Program...

The CSA program will run 14 weeks from mid June to mid September, with an additional delivery of produce just prior to thanksgiving. Each week the share basket will include a variety of vegetables, which is usually enough to feed 2 adults and 2 children for a week. Vegetable delivery baskets can vary in size depending on if the harvest is plentiful or not that week.We are also proud to offer two types of shares:
weekly and bi-weekly.

In addition to the vegetable basket delivery, each share also includes:

A special thanksgiving produce delivery
Tour of the Farm
Invitations to all events at Harwill Farms
10% off meat products

2018 CSA Share Cost:

$400 - weekly share
$250 - bi-weekly share
Share fee is due in full by June 1, 2018

If share is ordered and paid by May 1, 2018 you will receive a complimentary jar of Harwill Farms Dill Beans!

Once again we are requesting the CSA members to either pick-up their food baskets at the farm or a designated location (Harriston). Once we have our shareholders list completed will decide upon a second location. Deliveries to shareholders houses or any other location are subject to a $100 delivery fee which will be due with their CSA fee.


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